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Cell Phone Spy

Mobile Spy, the latest high-tech mobile phone spying software, is a revolutionary software that lets you to simply install it directly onto a compatible mobile phone that you own or in the one to which you have the access to monitor.

Once the installation is done, it silently records activities on the phone namely text message, call information, web browsing history, updated contacts, photos and images taken from the phone, GPS locations of the phone, and so on. It does not matter even if the phone user deletes the information, because Mobile Spy records the information immediately after an activity takes place. It does not depend on mobile phone logging. 

How It Works

This innovative technology might look complicated but it is very simple and easy to use, however you can get help from Mobile Spy User Guide and Documentation that you get while purchasing the software. Below, you can find the summarized information on how it works. 

Check Compatibility: Mobile Spy works on various smart phones of the 5 major platforms – iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Symbian, and Windows Mobile. It is also compatible with iPad, however it must be jailbroken. 
Purchase: To purchase you need to go to Mobile Spy’s official website, fill all the sections including billing information, complete the order, and check your email. You will get a prompt order email that contains a registration code, link to download the software, and a key sequence that you need to bring up the interface on the smart phone.

Download Mobile Spy to Smart Phone: First, you need to enter the given registration code and create username and password that you need to remember in order to access the account in the future. By clicking on the link, you can download and install the program in to your smartphone that you want to monitor. The program installs in a complete stealth mode. 

Adjust Settings: Once the program is downloaded and installed, you can adjust the settings. You need to press a certain key sequence on the smart phone to bring up the interface on the smart phone. For the instructions, you can read the order email that you get during the purchase. Now, you can select the GPRS that is to be used to upload the logs, and also the activities that you want to monitor. Now you can start monitoring.
Login to View Activities: Once you activate the software, Mobile Spy remains in active mode. It runs in the background even if the phone is turned off. Now the smartphone activities are recorded and uploaded to your online Mobile Spy account. To view this information, you can login to your account anytime by entering username and password which you created before. After logging in, you can find the logs that are categorized by activity types on the left side of online control panel. You can click on the relevant activity type to view the complete information

 Mobile Spy Features

Mobile Spy allows you to monitor the smartphone’s activities online in real time. All the logs are safely uploaded in to your Mobile Spy account that is safe and easy to access through an authorized username and password. You can login to your account anytime to view the information without the need to accessthe smartphone. You can find the following logs in your online account.   

  • Call Logs: All the incoming/outgoing/missed call numbers including time and duration.
  • SMS Logs: All the text messages are recorded including full text, though the mobile user deletes the original information from the phone.
  • GPS Logs: GPS locations of the smart phone are uploaded for every 30 minutes along with a link to Google Maps
  • Contacts: All the contacts on the smartphone are recorded including newly added contacts.
  • Task Logs: All the tasks that are created on the smartphone are recorded
  • Memo Logs: Each memo input is recorded
  • Cell ID Logs: Cell Towers IDs that the device entered are recorded
  • Email Logs: All the inbound and outbound emails are recorded
  • Calendar Logs: All the calendar events are logged including date, time and locations
  • URL Logs: All the website address that the user visited from the smartphone are recorded.
  • Photo Logs: All the photos taken by the smartphone are recorded.
LIVE Control Panel (Add-On)

Mobile Spy stands unique and tops above the other similar software in the market by offering LIVE Control Panel. This innovative feature allows you to perform LIVE monitoring and controlling on the smartphone, securely from anywhere. This add-on comes for a small additional price. When you choose this feature, you can view the smartphone’s screen live just like a TV along with a map of the current GPS location instantly. It also allows you to send some instant silence SMS commands to control the device, such as current GPS location, SIM information, lock or unlock the device, and more.

This is a good choice, particularly when you want logs sent to your email. Logs are sent to your email for the intervals that you select.
Live Control Panel Features 

  • LIVE Control Panel: You canconnect to the device to perform LIVE monitoring and controlling.

  • View the Screen: You can view the real screen of the smartphone that is updated every 90 seconds

  • Instant GPS Locations: You can initiate an immediate GPS location along with a map and find where the mobile is located.

  • Initiate Call: You can initiate a call to the number you enter

  • Send SMS: You can send a text message to the number you enter

  • Lock the Device: You can lock or unlock the smartphone with an optional alarm

  • Get SIM Information: You can get the latest SIM information in case if the smartphone is stolen or lost.

  • SMS Commands: Accepts silent SMS commands for GPS Location, SIM information, wipe data, lock or unlock the smartphone, and more.

  • Log Delivery Via Email: To have the logs sent to your email address.


You do not need to be near the mobile phone to see all its activities, because all the recorded activities are uploaded to your Mobile Spy online account, that you can access with an authorized user name and password that you create during the purchase. You can view the needed information online just at the comfort of your home or office.

Completely Invisible

One of the best aspects of Mobile Spy is it works invisibly without giving a single clue to the mobile user, to help you get all the information on his/her cell phone activities and visiting places. Many other cell phone spying applications show obvious signs of something going on with the phone. So, with Mobile Spy, you can be tension-free that the target person will not get to know about your surveillance process. The application does not show up on the screen until and unless you (the authorized person) press a certain key sequence to modify any settings.

Low Cost

When compared to most of the surveillance programs in the market, Mobile Spy is available at a low cost but with some outstanding features that none of the competitors are providing.



Free SniperSpy

When you subscribe for Mobile Spy for 1 year, you will get a free SniperSpy that helps you to monitor your computer remotely. You can change the subscription period during your next billing, if you want.

Secure Control Panel

Most of the other spying programs leave the data open to outsiders without considering your confidentiality requirements. Mobile Spy’s Online Control Panel is the bestsecure control panel in the industry. You should not trust the spying programs that provide a non-secure system.

Monitor Multiple Phones

This is another factor that makes many people to choose Mobile Spy. If you need to monitor more than one smartphone simultaneously, you can do it only with Mobile Spy. Mobile Spy allows you to monitor up to 3 phones at a time with a single license. Mobile Spy is offering special discounts to corporate customers. Corporate customers can request for a quote through support section.

Enforce Employee Cell Phone Policy

There are many companies that give cell phones to their employees for official purposes only. Sometimes, most of the companies have to pay enormous amount every month for their employee’s cell phone usage. But, are your employees really using cell phones for official uses only? How can you know this? The simple answer is Mobile Spy. This surveillance application also allows you to know if any employee is passing company’s private information to outsiders or rival companies. Mobile Spy helps you to track each and every activity of your employee.

Monitor Teen Cell Phone Usage

Today’s teenagers have a great danger having the internet access at their fingertips. There are plenty of child-monitoring applications that are available to make children safe on a computer. Another such important device to monitor is their mobile phone. Text messaging has become the latest craze among the younger generation globally. But, how can the parents learn what their teenage child is doing on the mobile phone? With the helps of Mobile Spy, you can monitor all your child’s text messaging activities, call activities, and web browsing activities on the mobile phone. This application also helps you to know where your child is going everyday.

Backup Your Own Phone Activities

Most of the people generally use their mobile phone to its complete potential. With the increase in usage arises the need to delete the old messages. Also it is a quite common factor that many people either forget their mobile somewhere or lose it accidentally. Earlier, there was no possibility to backup the call logs, SMS logs, and other important information. Mobile Spy helps you do this for you without your interference. You just need to make a simple installation to your phone that boots every time your phone is turned on. This is a great option for keeping track of important communication and conversations, to review them online anytime. This is also helpful when you require a proof of actions.

Create Your Own Remote Spyphone
When you can use your current smartphone for spying purpose, why to pay thousands of dollars to buy a Spyphone? If you have a compatible smartphone, you can buy Mobile Spy to create your own remote Spyphone, and start monitoring someone’s activities.


Mobile Spy is committed to help you throughout your monitoring process on the smartphone. When you have any questions related to the product, you can open a support ticket and send the query. You will get the response within 24 hours, however many of the queries are answered much sooner.

You can also contact the technical support team through a toll free number from 9AM to 5PM EST, 7 days a week.

Mobile Spy is also offering other range of support options that include Product User Guide, Searchable Knowledge Base, Recover Your Download, and Locate a Previous Order.  


Mobile Spy is a sophisticated surveillance application that is capable of fulfilling all your monitoring needs without requiring your intervention once after the installation. In addition to its stealthy mode, its LIVE Control Panel and support options make Mobile Spy stand above the other surveillance programs in the industry.

Mobile Spy also offers  a free 7 day trial version with full functionality. The software will work for 7 days and you can use any of its features. After 7 days, you need to purchase a license in order to continue using it. 


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