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With the rapid transformation in the technology, cell phone spying is indeed not an unusual thing. There have been millions of people using the cell phone spying software applications for various reasons in order to track down the activities of cell phones. And, the most interesting fact is that these spying applications work in stealth mode and does not let the user have a doubt that he or she is being spied. With the rise in fraudulent activities and disloyalty, the demand for cell phone spy applications have shot up to heights. There are several spying applications available in the market but not all have managed to excel in this field except a few.

Well, if you suspect that your employee or child is using their smart phone privileges inappropriately, then Mobile Spy is the ideal cell phone spy software for you. Install this simple program on the suspect’s smartphone and start monitoring the whereabouts and mobile activities of your employees and children. You can also catch your partner, when he or she breaches your trust with the help of Mobile Spy.

About Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is basically a cell phone spy application that helps in monitoring your smartphone instantaneously. This unique software records the cell phone activities of those using smart phones such as Symbian OS, Blackberry, Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile. You need to install the application on the cell phone you wish to monitor, and it starts tracking every step of the cell phone by remaining in stealth mode. Once the software has been installed on the targeted phone, it starts recording arrays of activities performed by the cell phone and transfers the data into your personal Mobile Spy online account. It is a simple and user friendly application and all you need to do is to go onto its official website, enter the username and password, and start monitoring the details of the cell phone.

About the Company

Retina X Studios started its establishment as a design operation and web consulting in July 1997. The company developed its own superior spy application after developing series of cell phone spy software applications for its external customers. The first major software was Ace Spy that was commercially launched in April 2003. Thereafter, many innovative and appreciable cell phone spy applications have been launched, including Mobile Spy and Net Spy. This particular company has been growing at a phenomenal rate with a dedicated service, continued success and has got numerous positive reviews from millions of clients.

Mobile Spy Functioning

Mobile Spy software has been defined as the latest, when it comes to advanced cell phone surveillance. This ground breaking software supports individuals to install it easily onto a smartphone owned by you or to the one which has the consent to spy. Once the spying software gets installed on the cell phone for spying, the cell phone activities such as call details, text messages and GPS location silently gets logged once in 30 minutes with the help of GPS signal. You need not be close to the cell phone to monitor the activities post installation as the activities get uploaded in a personal account of Mobile Spy that you can check with your username and password. All the details can be viewed with the help of a system browser or phone browser.

Steps to Purchase & Setup Mobile Spy


The Mobile Spy needs to be purchased, which is the first step and you need to agree and acknowledge that you are the authorized manager or owner of the device. Thereafter, you can select the Order Page and fill up all the sections by agreeing to the legal requirements of Mobile Spy. You must provide appropriate information on the billing address while completing the order.


After completing the procedure for ordering, you will receive an instant email of a receipt along with a registration code. The code is required while registering your account for creating a username and password for the Mobile Spy online account wherein the log details are stored. The email also consists of a link for downloading the program. You can download the application and install the same onto the cell phone easily with the help of instruction guide that is quite simple to follow.

User Guide for Installing Mobile Spy
  • Windows Mobile Device, select: Start – Settings – About
  • Android Devices, select: Settings – About Phone
  • Blackberry Devices, select: Settings – Options – About
  • iPhone or iPad Devices, select: Settings – General – About
  • Symbian OS Devices, select: Menu – Application/Tools – About


You need to run the installer file on the cell phone after the link has been downloaded in your phone. The software installation takes place in complete stealth mode. There would be no icons about the software shown on the cell phone. After the installation procedure gets completed, you can proceed further.

Settings Adjustment

The settings need to be adjusted post installation. As the installation is completely hidden in the cell phone, you need to ensure that there is a notification request sent for monitoring. You need to press a particular key sequence on the cell phone to bring up the interface of Mobile Spy. Thereafter, the program settings can be changed accordingly.

Follow Instructions

Make use of the instructions present in the email in order to enter the key sequence for bringing up the interface. Choose a specific internet connection in order to upload logs. Also, choose the activities that need to be monitored and then select the option to begin monitoring. Once you start monitoring, the software will remain active and updates information from that moment. If the cell phone is turned off and started again, the software remains active. The activities gets recorded and quickly uploaded into your online account of Mobile Spy.
Login to monitor activities

And, as a final step, you can simply login to the Mobile Spy account by clicking the Login Page whenever you want. You need to enter the username and password as you will be taken to the online control panel. The log activities are classified as per the type of activities. You can click a specific type and start viewing the details.

Mobile Spy Benefits

Monitors Employees Cell Phones: There are millions of cell phones circulated to employees in many companies. Employers provide these cell phones to employees mainly for official purpose. However, most employers end up paying a massive amount every month on employees’ cell phones. If you want to get a confirmation that the cell phone is being used for work purpose only and not for personal use, you must install Mobile Spy software onto the cell phones of your employees. This wonderful software helps employers to track the activities of their employees’ cell phones. Mobile Spy tracks down the details such as call logs, text messages, web history, and email history.

Monitors Cell Phone Activities Of Your Child & Spouse: Most people today have all kinds of dangers on their finger tips as far as cell phones are concerned. Mobile Spy software monitors the cell phone activities of your children and spouse to ensure that they are safe from danger. Text messaging has become highly popular among children as they are involved in messaging mostly with their cell phones. With the help of Mobile Spy, one can track the activities of their children’s cell phones. Also, you can catch your spouse, if he or she is cheating on you. Text messages and call logs can be retrieved even if they have been deleted from the cell phone. The online account of Mobile Spy records all the data of the cell phone and you can be rest assured about the safety of your child and be aware of every truth about your spouse through this software.

Scout on iPhone Calls, GPS and SMS: Mobile Spy tracks down the activities such as text messages, call logs and GPS location of the iPhone. In the year 2008, Mobile Spy launched the first cell phone spy software in the world for iPhone. Mobile Spy records all activities of iPhone in a complete stealth mode. You simply need to log into the online account to view the activity history of these phones.

Backup Option for Your Cell Phone: Most people make use of their smart phones to its best potential. When the cell phone usage is high, the need arises to delete old text messages. Mobile Spy provides back up support for logs such as calls and SMS. And, the best part is that the software performs this particular activity very efficiently without seeking your intervention. You simply need to install a silent software application on your cell phone and it starts booting every time the cell phone is switched on. This is an excellent support provided by Mobile Spy as it helps in maintaining records of useful communication.

Mobile Spy Features

Call Logs: All incoming and outgoing number is recorded along with time stamp and duration.

Text Messages Logs: The text messages with full contents gets logged even when the logs are deleted from the cell phone.

GPS Location: The location details get uploaded once in thirty minutes through a link to a location map.

Contacts: The software has the ability to log all contacts on the cell phone. In addition, it also records new contacts that are added.

Memos: The memo input of the cell phone can be logged and viewed.

Tasks: The personal tasks created on the cell phone can be logged and viewed.

Email Log: The email history of both inbound and outbound emails get recorded in the online account.

Cell ID Locations: The Cell ID information on every cell tower entered by the device gets recorded.

URL Log: The URLs visited through the phone browser can be recorded through Mobile Spy.

Video and Photo Log: All videos and photos taken by the cell phone get recorded and the same can be viewed anytime.

Calendar Events: The calendar events such as location, time and date get recorded.

Mobile Spy Cost

Mobile Spy software has a convenient option to offer as far as the billing is concerned. You can purchase this software by selecting the billing options as per your convenience. You can make the payment towards the software either annually, semi annually or quarterly basis.

  • Quarterly for a period of 3 months - $49.97
  • Semi Annually for a period of 6 months - $69.97
  • Annually for a period of 12 months - $99.97


Thus, Mobile Spy is one of the sensibly priced cell phone spy software offered in the market today. You will be quite satisfied with its capabilities as it works effectively towards monitoring all the required information about the targeted cell phone. With this software, the truth will no longer be hidden from you. It provides all the witnesses you need in order to catch a disloyal employee. You can take precautionary measures for the safety and well being of your child with the help of Mobile Spy software. After purchasing this useful software, you can be rest assured to receive up to date information about the targeted cell phone in addition to support and service rendered by Mobile Spy.

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