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iPhone Mobile Spy Software

Are you worried about your employees misusing their iPhones? Are your children abusing their liberty and inappropriately using text messaging and the calling freedom you have given them?
Mobile Spy is the solution for you. The software program exposes phone activities of users. You can easily learn about the mobile activities of your employees, children or spouse, from their call details, text messages, GPS location and so on.

Mobile Spy For iPhones

Not all spy software programs supports iPhone. But mobile spy does. It is the first and the best software to support iPhone platform. 

Mobile Spy is a hybrid software program, which allows you to keep track of any type of Smart Phone in real time. It gives you the ability to monitor and also record mobile phone activity of anyone who uses an iPhone. You can login online and see all the call details, text messages and GPS locations of the iPhone which you are tracking.

Working of the Mobile Spy

Getting any target iPhone is very simple, using the mobile spy. For this, you have to first install, a small application into the phone that you want to monitor. The program starts every time you reboot your phone. However, no one would know that it is working, as there is no pop up or any other kind of acknowledgement that would show that mobile spy is working.

After you complete the initial set up on the target iPhone, it begins recording all the activities on the phone. These are automatically uploaded to your private Mobile Spy account, which can be viewed online by you anytime.

Features of Mobile Spy’s iPhone spy app

GPS tracking

Through the GPS tracking system, you will get a fresh link of the position of the iPhone every 30 minutes. Thus you are never in the dark about the position of the person handling the iPhone.

Call Logs

You can view all the incoming and outgoing calls with complete details, including the duration of the call and the time stamp.

Text Messages

Full text of the SMS sent and received by the iPhone is recorded in your private account, giving you the freedom to view it later. Text that might have been deleted is also recorded.


Each and every contact on the iPhone can be viewed. When a new contact is added you will immediately get the information.

Emails and calendar events

All mails, inbound and outbound from the iPhone can be logged, and the complete mail can be viewed. Date, time and locations of the entire calendar events, including when it was logged and what activity was carried out can be recorded.

Web history

You can view the details of the URL, and information of what was viewed from the iPhone’s browser. This gives you the satisfaction of knowing, that your employee or child is not wasting time on unwanted websites or social media.

Photo and video Logs

All the photos and videos taken by the target iPhone can be viewed and recorded if required. This gives you the advantage of tracking photos or videos taken by the iPhone, even if they are deleted from the iPhone.


The features of the Mobile Spy’s iPhone software have enough features to satisfy the needs of most people. All the features of Mobile Spy are user friendly and easy to understand and require no technical knowledge.

You can also raise ticket to contact their support if you face any doubts during the installation. You will also be provided with installation manuals and user guides.

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