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Flexispy Reviews - Only Software With Live Call Tapping Facility

Now-a-days, in this fast-paced world, it is hard to trust someone including those who are very close to you, and you should be very careful with them all the time. Mobile spying application can serve your monitoring needs on someone to know if they are cheating on you, especially those who are important to you like your spouse, child, or employee. There are many types of mobile spy software available everywhere, however very few of them are the best on the market. FlexiSpy is one of them. This mobile spy software will help you to monitor all the cell phone activities of the suspect at low alleged possibility of being known that you are spying on them.

FlexiSpy is one of the best spyware that helps you to know someone’s mobile activities which includesSMS logs, call logs, browsing and downloading history, and so on. It also helps you to listen to the live conversations of the calls. Most of the cel phone spying software do not have this feature. They simply provide the call history with phone number and date and time stamps.
One of the best features of FlexiSpy is that it works completely in a stealth mode, thus the user of the mobile phone will never come to know about the monitoring. FlexiSpy helps you in finding out the facts about your spouse, employee and children by simply installing it on the target cell phone. The downloading and installing part is very simple and it does not take more than 10 minutes. Everything you need to do is to download and install this software on the target cell phone, and then monitor the activities by logging into your FlexiSpy account.
FlexiSpy Compatibility
FlexiSpy is compatible with the smartphones like iPhone, Symbian OS, Windows Mobile Phones, Android, and BlackBerry. Following smartphones are compatible for FlexiSpy application.
  • Windows Mobile 5 / Windows Mobile 6
  • Nokia (Symbian8 / Symbian 9)
  • iPhone (iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4)
  • BlackBerry (BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Torch, BlackBerry Curve etc)
  • Android (Motorola, Samsung, HTC, LG etc)
If you do not know whether the target cell phone is compatible or not, you can click here to check it out.
How to Use FlexiSpy
FlexiSpy software provides an easy and simple installation process, and mostly you should be able to finish the installation successfully within 10 minutes. When you buy this spying software, along with the software you will also get a FlexiKey, a user name and a password, and a web page link where you can access wide range of installation manuals. While the FlexiKey helps to authenticate the software installation onto the suspect cell phone, the user name and password help you to access the FlexiSpy database where all the activities of target cell phone are saved.

To install this cell phone spying application, you just need to enter the download page of FlexiSpy into the target cell phone’s browser and once the page is connected, you need to enter the FlexiKey number offered during the purchase. The program will be downloaded onto the target cell phone, and it takes hardly few minutes. To have the software start working, you need to restart the mobile phone. Now, you need to enter the activation code along with the FlexiKey, and you will see a confirmation message that the application has been installed successfully onto the phone.
Once the FlexiSpy installation is done successfully on the suspect’s cell phone, you can immediately start monitoring the suspect’s activities on his cell phone.
FlexiSpy Features
Spy Call – FlexiSpy’s Spy call feature allows you to listen to the target cell phone’s surrounding sounds. When you make a call to the target cell phone from the monitor cell pone, the flexispy will let you listen to the environment of the target cell phone.
Call Interception – FlexiSpy’s Call Interception feature helps you to be able to listen to the live conversation of the target cell phone. In your FlexiSpy account, you need to specify the desired numbers of incoming or outgoing calls from or to the target cell phone. FlexiSpy sends a silent SMS to your cell phone. When you make a call to the target phone, you will be automatically added to the live conversation.
Remote Control – You can control all the functions of the target phone through a silent SMS command. You do not need to have any physical access to the target phone other than for theinstallation of FlexiSpy.
SMS & Email Logs – You can view all the SMS and Email contents from your FlexiSpy online account, including time and date stamps, and phone number. This feature supports all languages.
Call History Logs – With the help of this feature, you will be able to see all the received and made calls from and to the target phone. It includes time and phone number of the calls along with duration of the call. When the incoming or outgoing number of the call is already recorded in the phone, you can see the assigned name of the number in the target cell phone.
GPS Location Tracking Logs – FlexiSpy spying application can report the target cell phone’s location on the Google maps at a specific time of the day. Provided the target phone supports GPS, the location is tracked and is visible on the map. If the target phone does not support GPS , FlexiSpy uses the Cell Tower ID. Through this cell tower ID, you can confirm the specific location of the cell phone.
BlackBerry Messenger Chat – This feature is available only for BlackBerry phones. It helps you to read the messenger chat conversation of the target phone.
Advanced Searches – By logging into your FlexiSpy online account, you can do searches using desired keywords in SMS, contact names, emails, phone numbers and others over a chosen period of time.
SIM Change Notification FlexiSpy sends an SMS to your specified number when someone changes the SIM card in the target mobile phone. This is very helpful particularly when your own phone is stolen, thus you can find the actual phone number of the person, and complain to the specific authorities. Also you can still control the device as you know the new number.
Listen to Recorded Conversation – With the FlexiRecord feature of the FlexiSpy, you can listen to the recorded conversations of the target phone at a specific time period.
GPRS Capability Required – FlexiSpy Pro and FlexiSpy Light require you to have GPRS feature on the target phone. For other products, GPRS is required just for registration process.
FlexiSpy Advantages

FlexiSpy does not require you to be near the target phone toLink find out its activities, because it records all the activities and uploads them to your FlexiSpy online account. You can view this information by logging into your account through an authorized username and a password. All this can be done just at the comfort of your office or home.
Completely Stealth

The best feature of FlexiSpy is that it works completely in a stealth mode so that the target cell phone user does not get to know that someone is spying on him to know his cell phone activities and visiting places. Many of the mobile phone spying applications leave possible signs that something is going on with their phone. But, FlexiSpy leaves you tension-free that the suspect will come to know about your monitoring process as it works in an invisible mode.
Low Cost

FlexiSpy comes comparatively at a lower cost than many other cell phone surveillance software available in the market, yet FlexiSpy offers numerous valuable features that many other competitors are not offering.
Enforcing Employee Cell Phone Policy

Many corporate offices are providing cell phones to their employee for official usage. This makes them to pay huge amount for cell phone bills of their employees every month. However, most of the calls made from the official mobiles are employee’s personal calls. FlexiSpy stands as the best solution for this issue letting you know if your employees are really using company cell phones for official use or personal use. Also, you can monitor your employees’ activities on the cell phone to know if they are passing any confidential information to rival groups. This software allows you to track all the activities of your employee on company phone.
Monitoring Teen Cell Phone Usage
Having World Wide Web access at their fingertips, these days teenagers have a big danger. There are varieties of monitoring software to allow your children on computer for safe browsing. Another such major utility to spy on is their cell phone. Regular text messaging has become a great craze among the teenagers these days. How to know whether your teen child is misusing their cell phone privileges? FlexiSpy can help you know each and every activity of your child on the cell phone; also it will let you know what places your kid is visiting often.

Backup Your Own Phone Activities
These days everyone uses their cell phone to the fullest potential. As the usage increases, the need of deleting old messages and data also increases. Also, often you tend to forget or lose your cell phone. So, it is very important for you to have backup of important information of your phone somewhere. It is not possible every time to take back up manually. Instead FlexiSpy can take automatic backup time to time and upload directly to your online account, thus you can access the data from anywhere and at anytime. Also, it may be helpful for you to show the SMS or Call Conversation information as an evidence of action when required.
FlexiSpy are no slump in the support and help section. They offer telephone support through call centers at USA, UK and Hong Kong. Also, the company offers additional support through Skype and through live chat on its official website in German, Spanish and English. Voice support is also available in multiple languages like Russian, Thai, Hindi, French, and English via its head office at Bangkok. .
10 Day Money Back Guarantee
When you purchase FlexiSpy, you get a 10 day money back guarantee. So, if you do not like the application for any reason, the manufacturers will refund your full money. Also, when you have any issue while running the software, they will extend the refund period as they work actively on resolving the issue. You need not to worry about refund period as long as you are in contact with the customer support while you are facing trouble using the software.
Where to Buy
It is highly recommended that you buy the FlexiSpy application from its official website; otherwise the refund period may not be applicable.
FlexiSpy Light - $149
  • Control the target phone through SMS
  • SMS and Email Logs
  • Call Logs
  • GPS Location Tracking
FlexiSpy Pro - $249
  • FlexiSpy Light features, plus
  • Remote Listening
  • BlackBerry Messenger Chat and so on.
FlexiSpy Pro-X - $349
  • FlexiSpy Pro features, plus
  • Call Interception
FlexiSpy is a sophisticated and capable cell phone spying program. Important fact is that FlexiSpy does not leave any trace of monitoring process on the target cell phone. All the recorded events are updated time-to-time to the online account. FlexiSpy can surely solve the purpose if you are looking for a tension-free way to monitor activities of someone like your spouse or kid or employee.

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