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E-Stealth Review - Scam Exposed - Ultimate Bluetooth Mobile Phone Spy

E-Stealth, widely advertised as “ultimate bluetooth mobile phone spy” is receiving lots of complaints from its users. One of the main reason is they do not provide any support after the software is sold and the buyers are not able to install the software and make it work. 

E-Stealth Scam

E-stealth is an outright scam, the first and foremost reason is the software does not work on any phone. They also do not provide any refunds unlike other software vendors and thus do not maintain the software industry standards. 

There are many other reasons that support the scam call for e-stealth mobile spy software, which have been enumerated below.

1.      The website

If you take a closer look at the website of e-stealth, it looks too unprofessional giving an amateurish look. People seldom would want to buy from a company that has such low degree in terms of the look of the website and its functionality.

See the E-Stealth Support Desk below. LOL :-)


2.      Unauthorized and False claims

You would find numerous mentions about how e-stealth software is being used by CIA and FBI agencies to track people they desire. Well, even a layman can understand that elite agencies such as CIA and FBI would never resort to software that can be easily available in the market and used by general public, and lesser are their chances of choosing a scam software.

No other software makes these kinds of claims. Instead, they believe in quality and credibility of the product than false marketing claims.

3.      The compatibility issues

The marketers of E-Stealth claim that their software is compatible with all kinds of smartphones, which is a very big lie. Most consumers, who have mistakenly bought e-stealth software, have complained that the software is not compatible with any kind of mobile phone.

Many have tried to get a refund of their money after finding out that the software is not working, but were left unanswered. Money once spent on the software is better forgotten.

Many competitors of e-stealth, who are genuine, clearly state that their software cannot be installed in iphone without jailbreaking the iOS. But E-stealth doesn’t even mention that. 

4.    Do They Own the Software?

Mobile Spy, the first company to monitor mobile phones, claims that E-stealth is a scam and E-stealth is selling their software. Here is a screenshot from Mobile Spy website.


8Spending $70 of your hard earned money on a scam product is a total waste. They just rip you off your money on their fraudulent and worthless product.

E - Stealth Has To Learn From Its Competitors

Checkout e-stealth's competitor, Mobile Spy Tool's website and see how professional and what kind of extended support they offer.


Why do you want to take risk by going for a poor service provider?

If you have good software in the market, why do you want to take risks and buy a software which does not work at all?

Mobile Spy is the #1 software in the market and it has been mentioned in some of the most trusted companies.


Their products are featured in the media and see what they have to say about Mobile Spy


Mobile Spy software is the first software in the market to monitor mobile phones and it has too many features for a small price of $49. You also get professional support, money back guarantee and tons of features.

You can also monitor up to three phones with a single license. Mobile spy has the following features in their software.

1. Call Log
2. Text Message (SMS) log
3. GPS Locations
4. Tasks
5. Contacts
6. Memo's
7. Email Logs
8. Calender Events
9. Browser Logs
10. Photo and Video Log

Mobile Spy software works on android, iPhone (should jailbreak), Windows Mobile OS, Blackberry and Symbian Phones.


Instead of wasting money on unwarranted and scam products like e-stealth and repenting later, you could buy more reliable and user friendly software like Mobile Spy to monitor your mobiles.

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