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Mobistealth Reviews - Better Than Other Spy Softwares?

MobiStealth, cell phone surveillance program, has become a solid competitor to other surveillance programs in the market – it shares many of the similar features like the others, and in addition it has some advanced features too. It is available in 3 versions: MobiStealth Lite, MobiStealth Pro and MobiStealth Pro-X. Along with numerous features, MobiStealth supports variety of smartphones and has one of the best user interfaces in the market.
MobiStealth cell phone surveillance application offers a wide range of features for monitoring the cell phone activities. It is suitable for a wide array of monitoring needs. Whether you are trying to spy on your kid as a responsible parent, or need to spy on someone as an official investigator from law enforcement agency, this program has all the appropriate features that help you to achieve successful monitoring.

MobiStealth Versions

MobiStealth is available in 3 versions – Lite, Pro and Pro-X. The compatibility of each version depends on the mobile phone model you have, however most of the smartphones in the market are compatible with all these 3 versions. You can choose one of the versions depending on the level of surveillance.
  • MobiStealth Lite: Call History Logging, text message text message logging, Contact Details Logging, Website Logging, Bookmark Logging, GPS Logging, and Calendar Logging.
  • MobiStealth Pro: All MobiStealth Lite Features, plus – picture logging, surrounds recording, location without GPS and through text message, and SIM change logging.
  • MobiStealth Pro-X: All MobiStealth Features, plus – call recording, video logging, and email logging; blackberry supports messenger logging too.

MobiStealth is compatible with numerous smartphones that belong to the platforms like Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Symbian/Nokia and Windows Mobile phones. Click here for detailed list of compatible phones. Below is the list of some of the compatible phones.


In order to purchase MobiStealth, you need to go to its official website, and then choose a plan according to your monitoring needs. Once you purchase the program, you receive an email that has a detailed installation guide along with download link to MobiStealth. You can also view the installation guide and the download link in your StealthClub account by clicking on the invoice number. 

Installing MobiStealth in smartphone may be confusing for those who are not very familiar with the phone that they are installing it on, but the procedure is very simple and does not take more than 10 minutes.
  • First you need to go to settings in your smart phone and go to applications – there you need to make sure that ‘Unknown Sources’ is checked.
  • Then, you should open the smartphone’s browser and visit the link that was given to you by MobiStealth while purchasing the program. This will start the spy application downloading process to your smartphone, which is 1MB and usually takes less than a minute.
  • Once the downloading part is complete, you need to press ‘Download Complete’ to bring up the installation confirmation. The application is named as SecurePhone and does not mention anywhere about MobiStealth. Click on ‘Install’ and the installation will begin, which will take hardly few seconds to finish. Once completed, hit on ‘Done’
  • Now, you need to restart the phone to complete the installation and start monitoring.


Functioning of the MobiStealth is event driven, i.e. the application source code is inserted into all cell phone events. MobiStealth cell phone events include incoming call, outgoing call, incoming text message, outgoing text message, and so on. 

Hence, for instance, when incoming text message comes to the MobiStealth installed smartphone, it triggers the code in the incoming text message event to run. The code in this event makes the application to communicate with MobiStealth member’s area, reporting parameters of the incoming text message event. A parameter is nothing but specific information. In this example, it is the incoming text message. Event parameters are the time of the incoming text message, phone number messaging the smartphone, full-length text of the text message and so on. 

So, when a text message comes to a MobiStealth loaded smartphone, the code in the incoming text message event communicates to your StealthClub account, and sends incoming full-length text message along with the number and time. 

In simple words, MobiStealth functioning includes a reporter/spy sitting on the smartphone and a receiver sitting at the MobiStealth website, and both of these parts work together as a team to help you monitor the cell phone activities of the target smartphone. 

MobiStealth Features
MobiStealth mobile phone surveillance application offers a series of advanced features to help you to monitor different mobile activities of the suspect. Some of the MobiStealth features include the following 

· Recover/Read Text Messages – All the received and sent text messages from the smartphone are recorded, including those that are deleted by the mobile user. This feature lets you read the complete message along with the time and phone number that the message come-from/sent-to. This feature is also helpful for those who want to retrieve the text messages from their own mobile phone.

· View Call History – Read all the incoming and outgoing calls of the smartphone. In addition to the number, it also includes the name associated with the number stored in the contact list of smartphone.

· Record & Listen to Calls – This feature is available only on GSM networks, which enables you to secretly tap the smartphone and record all outgoing and incoming calls. These recorded calls are uploaded to your StealthClub account. 

· On Demand Remote Monitoring – Record all the smartphone conversations and sounds within certain proximity of the smartphone. With the help of this feature, the remote monitoring starts through a simple text message command. Once the command is performed, the recorded sounds/conversations will be uploaded to your StealthClub account.

· View Pictures – Retrieve and view all the pictures remotely from the target smartphone

· View Videos – Retrieve and view all the videos remotely from the target smartphone

· GPS Tracking – Secretly track the GPS location of the smartphone. Locations are captured and uploaded to your online account in predefined intervals, along with a detailed map

· Email Logging – View all the information of inbound and outbound emails. 

· Web History – View the website addresses that are visited from the smartphone browser

· Bookmarks – View all the saved bookmarks 

· BlackBerry Chat Messenger Logging – This feature is available only for blackberry platform smartphones. It helps you to view the chat history of the blackberry messenger

· SIM Change Notification – You can know if the old SIM is removed and the new SIM is inserted

· Phone Wipe – You can wipe the information from the phone remotely. 

Mobistealth Uses
Ease of Use
The most beneficial factor of MobiStealth is its easy-to-use interface. Once signing up, you receive an email that has information on your StealthClub account where all the retrieved content from the smartphone is stored for you to view. You can find all the logs and features on a sidebar located in your StealthClub account. All the logs and features are easy to find. At the top of all logs, you can refine your search by time and date of the mobile phone activity. You can view and adjust all the settings without any issue of messing with the actual mobile phone. 


MobiStealth is invisible and works in the background of the smart phone to help you monitor the target smartphone without letting the mobile user to know that someone is monitoring their activities. It helps you to retrieve all the information from the smartphone without your direct interference with the cell phone. Also it does not leave any clues/signs of something-going-on-with-phone unlike most of the spying software. Hence you can monitor the target phone activities without any doubt that the cell phone user may get to know about Mobistealth. 

Multiple Phones Monitoring

Most of the cell phone spying applications in the industry allow you to monitor only one phone with a single account; however MobiStealth allows you to monitor multiple phones simultaneously with single account. The number of phones depends on the plan you choose. 

For Law Enforcement Agencies

MobiStealth is extremely helpful for Law Enforcement Agencies to catch a suspect. If you are an investigator who is in the work of collecting evidences against a suspect, then the best method to choose is to use MobiStealth. It helps you to retrieve secrets associated with the suspect. MobiStealth is the most advanced application to spy and expose all the secrets. 

For Employers

With the help of MobiStealth, employers can know if their employees are using their company cell phone for official purpose only or personal use as well. It also helps you to know if any of your employees are revealing company’s confidential information to others, so that you can take proper measures against them.

For Parents

MobiStealth surveillance program has become a must-use program in the modern age. In today’s cyber world, responsibility of the parents has increased with the increase of internet/mobile usage by their children. But it is not an easy task for the parents to monitor each and every cell phone activities of their children in person. Here comes the need of parental control software like MobiStealth. Having this software on their children’s cell phones, parents can monitor their children’s cell phone activities. So, parents can take any preventive measures if in case any imminent threat against their children’s safety is found.

For Individuals 

It has become a common factor these days that many people are trying to cheat on their spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend. If you find your partner suspicious, MobiStealth is definitely a good help for you to find out the truth to know if your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend is really cheating on you or it is just your imagination. Before speaking to them about the issue, it is always better to make sure that your suspicion is true; else your relation may be in trouble. 

Backup Data/Activities

Now-a-days there is a great increase in stolen and lost cell phones. Usually, people carry cell phones everywhere they go that increases the chances of theft or loss. In this digital age, it is very obvious that most of the cell phone users have very important data/information on their cell phones. To make sure that you do not miss such information forever along with the lost or stolen cell phone, you can use MobiStealth to have an automatic backup of the information along with your cell phone activities. It automatically detects any new data on your smartphone like new contacts, text message, etc and backs it up to your StealthClub account. 


MobiStealth cell phone spying software offers email support in case any problems or questions. It also provides a big list of FAQs on its official website. This help and support section includes a detailed and extensive list of most frequently asked questions to help you with the issues before you could contact the customer support team. 


MobiStealth is a cell phone surveillance application that offers a wide range of advanced features along with a large collection of logging options and an easy-to-use online account. The standout feature of MobiStealth is its record phone calls and surrounding conversations on demand. They have a variety of logging features. It stores all the text messages, calls, videos, websites, and many more in your online account even if the suspect deletes the actual information from the cell phone. This is the most recommended cell phone surveillance program in the industry that helps the users to monitor each and every cell phone activity of the suspect. 

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