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Big Daddy Spy Software Scam

There are a number of mobile spy software in the market today that gives you secret access to mobile phones. You would be able to get valuable information about people such as your spouse, employee, children and so on.

Big Daddy Spy Software

Big Daddy Spy Software is one such mobile spy software promising you great accessibilities such as sms interception, call interception, cell phone tracking call recording etc. Big Daddy Spy was so widely advertised from its launch and many people fell for their scam software.

The chain of problems

Well, the actual problem began even before the installation. Most people who bought the software were not even able to install the software in their phone. 

Next is their dumb 24 X 7 customer service. There is absolutely no tech support for the software. If you can’t install it by yourself, your money will go as a waste. 

The never compatible software

The software is not compatible with most of the mobile platforms. People who installed it successfully were not able to make it work in their phones. 

Even for those mobiles that have compatibility, there are issues with JAVA and the conversion of JAR files. It is better not even try such half made software.

The money back scams

If for above reasons you want money back, then you are into a no man’s place. Yes, there is no rescue after you complete entering your credit card details to buy the software once.

Some customers who have tried to get their money back have never received any reply to their emails. There were others who ended up paying even more after they were given the great idea of online store credit and using it in buying some other product that was priced at a higher amount.

Instead of spending valuable money on such scam products you could go for better quality mobile spy software such as the Mobile Spy Tool.

Mobile Spy Tool

Just a glance at the website of Mobile Spy Tool would give you an idea of their credibility and dedication to the software.
You can easily download the software to your mobile without any difficulty. Mobile Spy Tool has been in vogue for a long period of time and hence has a well established customer support system and bug free software. You can call them at any time of the day about your queries, if any, about the software and be guided immediately. 

Mobile Spy software gives easy access to its functions such as listening of room conversations, incoming and outgoing call interception, mobile phone tracking, spy sms messages and so on. Mobile spy software installs directly to your Nokia, Blackberry, Windows, iPhone and Android phones.

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